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Meet Rupert

Our founder, director and financial planner.

Rupert has worked in financial services for over 10-years and is a highly qualified financial planner.

He specialises in working with people who take retirement planning seriously, cutting through the confusion to build coherent and durable financial plans to deliver long-term security in later life.

Rupert was raised locally in Wonersh and now lives in Bramley with his wife Kirsty, and their three daughters, Summer, Scarlett and Harper.

An active member of the local community Rupert captains Wonersh Cricket Club and is a member of Bramley Golf Club.


Living in Bramley, and having worked with a highly regarded practice in Guildford, now is the time for Rupert to use his significant experience to build a financial planning firm based on his own vision.

That means creating a practice which serves clients in the local area, helping them build a financially secure retirement.

With a state of the art office in Smithbrook Kilns, Rupert is now on the doorstep of most of his clients. The door is always open to existing clients, as well as those seeking Rupert’s advice for the first time.

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01483 608602


62a Smithbrook Kilns,

In Rupert's own words

I was raised in Wonersh and now live with my family in Bramley. I’m a member of the local community and passionately want to serve its members by providing high-quality financial planning to those who need it most.

About us

Meet Kelly

Kelly has a wealth of experience and has worked in Financial Services for over 20 years.

Starting her career as a pensions administrator, she has worked with clients, product providers and the Financial Ombudsman Service for more than two decades. She also has experience in business continuity planning, team management and investigating client complaints.

Kelly lives in Horsham, with her partner Rob. An active festival-goer (come rain or shine!), she also enjoys cooking and spending time with family, particularly her three young nieces. When looking for escapism and quiet, you will find her head in the latest bestselling crime novel.

A word about our authorisation

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To make it easy for you, please click here to read Bramley Financial Planning’s entry on the register. You can also review Rupert’s individual entry on the register by clicking here.

Furthermore, every financial adviser must hold a valid Statement of Professional Standing (SPS). Issued by an accredited body, an adviser’s SPS confirms they are qualified to the required standard and undertake regular continuous professional development to ensure their knowledge is kept as up to date as possible.

You can view a copy of Rupert’s SPS by clicking here.