Financial planning to secure a family’s future

Why did Oliver and Sarah get in touch with us?

Oliver and Sarah live locally and have three children. Oliver is an IT Consultant and Sarah works in property.

Over the years, they have regularly taken financial advice from their bank. Consequently, they have built up a confusing number of financial products.

Feeling that an overall strategy was missing, and with no idea whether they were on-track to meet their financial objectives, they contacted us following a recommendation from a friend of theirs who was already a client.

How did we help?

At our first meeting, for which there was no charge, we explained more about the services we provide and our fees.

Happy to proceed, we conducted a full review of Oliver and Sarah’s financial affairs including in-depth discussions about their objectives over the short, medium and long-term.

This highlighted several deficiencies in their current planning. For example, that the couple had investment products with high charges and modest returns. Furthermore, the multiple insurance policies sold to them by their bank were insufficient for their needs in the event of:

  • Illness
  • Loss of income
  • Death

Finally, we discussed their risk profile.

We then produced a comprehensive financial plan which showed Oliver and Sarah:

  • The age they could retire at, the income required to meet their lifestyle goals and most importantly, how to achieve these objectives
  • The correct level of insurance to ensure their family was financially secure in the event of death, serious disability, or illness
  • How they could afford the cost of further education for their children
  • How to best ensure the wealth they had worked for could be passed tax efficiently to their family in the event of their death

Sarah and Oliver accepted our recommendations, which we then implemented without delay.

Their financial plan is reviewed each year to ensure it remains on track and to take account of any changes to personal circumstances, legislation and investment returns.

How do Oliver and Sarah benefit from working with us?

After years of taking advice from a bank, which in reality meant additional financial products were added to an already confusing mix, Oliver and Sarah now have their financial future clearly mapped out.

Their objectives and aspirations were identified and then a robust plan put in place to achieve them.

This has given both Oliver and Sarah a sense of confidence and security; that their future, and the education of their children, is in safe hands, while if the worst happens and illness or death strikes their family is financially protected.